The Great Vaccination Debate

Invisible Threat” is a documentary made by students and their adult mentors at a film club at Carlsbad High School in California. Forbes reports that the students’ initial idea was to make a movie about how the immune system works, but while researching, they learned about the controversies around vaccines and instead focused on how vaccine refusal affects public health.

With the anti-vaccine movement’s rise in popularity, these filmmakers received some resistance towards their final project.

Fifteen years after Andrew Wakefield authored a study published in The Lancet connecting various vaccines to autism, which was eventually retracted, there are still people advocating against vaccines. Focus Autism is a strong voice against vaccinations and has been the loudest against the documentary.

Dr. Claire McCarthy for explains that while it’s appropriate for parents to question any treatment their child receives, the dangers of not being vaccinated for a particular disease greatly outweigh the risks of contracting the disease. Additionally, The Daily Beast explains that a new CDC report found that for every child born since 1994, “the country’s immunization program has prevented 322 million diseases” and has “saved the U.S. $295 billion in direct costs and $1.38 trillion in societal costs.”

Here’s the “Invisible Threat” trailer:

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