WHO: Ebola Is Health Emergency

The World Health Organization is now calling the largest outbreak of Ebola in history a public health emergency.¬† The vast majority of the 1,700 cases of the deadly virus to date have been diagnosed in the West African countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone. The New York Times reports that WHO director general Dr. Margaret Chan, speaking at a news conference, called it “the largest, most severe, most complex outbreak in the nearly four-decade history of the disease.” News reports indicate that WHO officials chose not to call for a travel ban in afflicted countries.

USA Today offers this explainer on what Westerners should know about the highly fatal virus-spread disease. Reporting on the dramatic scene on the ground in West Africa, the Washington Post describes¬†conditions of trauma and chaos. Forbes reports this week on the debate over new drug therapies for Ebola that received hastened approval by federal health authorities for use on medical workers evacuated to Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital. And, as NPR reports, denial is one of the factors fueling the epidemic.

Ebola Outbreak Distribution Map (updated August 6, 2014) / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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